Monthly Archives: October 2014

How old is my Active Directory Forest?

It’s sometimes interesting to know how old your AD forest is and when the various domains were created.  I recently came across a really useful TechNet Blog with a Powershell snippet to do just this.  My version shown below just has some slightly different formatting. # How old is the forest? Get-ADObject -SearchBase (Get-ADForest).PartitionsContainer `… Read More »

How to change the Exchange 2013 OAB Generation Schedule

To be honest I’m only writing this one because I know I’ll get confused in the future and will want to refer to something authoritative. 🙂 There are two configurable values when considering how to change the Exchange Server 2013 Offline Address Book (OAB) generation schedule from its default of 1 day.  These are: OABGeneratorWorkCycle… Read More »